Can we turn patients into players and physical rehabilitation into a game by creating an immersive VR experience?

This is what AppAttic co-founders Dr. Rachel Gawley and Carley Morrow set out to discover when their proposal was accepted as part of a large European research project. The result is a VR game that leverages next-generation consumer technology and will debut at this year’s SXSW conference.

Taking expertise from neurological physiotherapists and a ‘game first’ approach, AppAttic has leveraged bleeding edge technology to create Magic Moovr, a mass appeal, virtual reality game that adapts to the physical ability of the player. The movement-based mobile VR experience has been developed through a co-creative process involving patients, clinicians and the general public. It can be played at all stages of the patient’s rehabilitation journey whilst being enjoyed by friends, family and carers in a social and entertaining environment. The game has been researched and developed through the Horizon 2020 ‘MAGIC PCP’ challenge. Successful projects are expected to enter clinical trial in the UK and Italy during 2018/19 to assess their impact on the rehabilitation of patients recovering from stroke

“Our ultimate vision is to empower patients and their loved ones by turning them into players and participants. Magic Moovr takes them out of reality and into a virtual world where they can see different, play different and be different.” – AppAttic CEO, Carley Morrow

Magic Moovr is designed for the new Pico Neo, which is the first all-in-one VR headset to have 6DoF head and controller tracking. The game is versatile and can leverage controller-less interaction and will be demonstrated using one of Leap Motion’s upcoming 180-degree embeddable VR/AR modules, which has been shared with AppAttic to showcase the power and simplicity of hands in VR for stroke rehabilitation.

“We’re leveraging emerging six degrees of freedom (6DoF) mobile VR headsets and advanced hand tracking to create a fully immersive, wireless and controller-less experience. These near-future technologies are in advanced stages of development and are expected to become ubiquitous personal entertainment and productivity devices in the coming years.” – AppAttic CTO, Rachel Gawley

AppAttic co-founder’s Dr Rachel Gawley and Carley Morrow are attending SXSW as one of 10 companies selected by the UK Department of Trade and as a showcase company for Immersed In Northern Ireland. Interactive demonstrations will be taking place across the city of Austin.