The Cornerstone Partnership is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by Clare Brasier and Helen Costa, who, driven by their personal experience as adopters and their desire to help children, realised that by combining their professional skills and personal experience there was scope for innovation and partnership to improve the life chances of children in the care system.

Cornerstone was originally established with support from the DfE’s Innovation Programme to create and demonstrate a new model of service delivery in adoption, and from there expanded into foster carer recruitment and retention.  The original Cornerstone support model was piloted in adoption for 18 months across 11 Local Authorities.  It sought to demonstrate a more effective and impactful approach to adopter recruitment, assessment and support and the results from the pilot were excellent. Placements were accelerated, placement breakdowns were prevented and adopters felt well prepared and confident as well as social worker capacity being freed up.

Cornerstone now work with 14 Local Authorities in London and the South East across both Adoption support and Foster care recruitment, retention and support. Our approach is predicated on bringing the end user perspective into the heart of the service, co-delivering services alongside social workers and injecting a complementary set of skills into organisations.

Based in Maidenhead, we have a team of very talented and dedicated individuals who are committed to improving the lives of children.

Cornerstone is chaired by Anthony Douglas of CAFCASS and our management team is supported by our Executive Advisory Group which includes leading experts in the field including The Maudsley, Julie Selwyn and CoramBAAF.

Visit the Cornerstone website.

Cornerstone have developed VR experiences that help adoptive parents understand a child’s past experiences.