THE DIGITAL GYM will illustrate how future tech is empowering users to create customised workouts, enjoyable immersive experiences and track their performance even more accurately. This fitness feature space will provide insight into cutting-edge developments and applications and give businesses the chance to discover how they can use technology to boost gym memberships and loyalty, or encourage people to take up exercise and get fit using digital tools!

To support our feature space, we’ll also be presenting the Future of Fitness Conference on Friday 06 April, which will welcome a lineup of expert speakers to share their insights, experiences and real-world case studies with our audience. Come and explore the gyms, training centres and fitness studios of the future – and remember, all of our features are interactive, so feel free to try out some of these incredible new products and work up a sweat on the showfloor!



ukactive provides services and facilitates partnerships for a broad range of organisations, all of which support the vision of more people, more active, more often to improve the health of the nation. We exist to serve anyone with a benefit to be gained or a role to play in achieving that goal.

ukactive’s membership, which stands at over 3,000 members, includes operators of fitness facilities of all sizes, as well as local authority leisure centres, leisure trusts, outdoor fitness providers, trainers, sports providers, education and training providers, lifestyle companies, equipment suppliers and charities.


BoxVR are creating an ecosystem of at-home fitness products that motivate, reward and guide users through professionally designed workouts delivered in VR and AR. Their first product, BOXVR, has been described as ‘Guitar Hero crossed with a studio boxing workout’. Many users are calling it ‘the best fitness app on the market’.

Its broad appeal is already  bringing VR to a whole new audience. Rhythm-Based Virtual Boxing Inspired Workouts – punch out to our regularly updated routines, upload your own music and train to your own beat, or test your stamina in our endless mode!


The Icaros represents an incredible melding of exercise equipment with immersive hardware and software. This innovative product combines a unique planking apparatus with a VR headset which carefully tracks your movements, allowing you to enjoy immersive gaming experiences of flying or racing, while achieving a workout across multiple muscle groups.

The gyroscopic design of the ICAROS Pro allows full three-dimensional movement and with a variety of new gaming experiences in development it is set to transform how we train.