Open to all ticket holders, our Show Stage will showcase a wide range of VR applications, with facts & figures, real-world case studies and product demonstrations to give attendees a unique insight into the latest developments in VR technologies.

In our Military Base, visitors can discover how VR tech is changing the modern military. From combat training and PTSD combat stress treatments, to vehicular maintenance and repair, immersive technologies are allowing for safer, more effective and more affordable systems within the modern defence sector.  

Our custom-built Hospital will host 6 innovative medical projects, including a fully fitted surgical training room. Our hospital gives attendees a chance to get hands-on experience and spend time with the experts that are using Virtual Reality to drive 21st century medicine forward.

Virtual Reality Show will host a show floor filled with the biggest retailers, manufacturers, designers and creators working within the VR Ecosystem today. It will be a focal point for the industry, acting as a platform for new and innovative products and applications.

Our Sports Stadium will allow attendees to explore the ways that Virtual Reality is helping everyone from the sports professional to the injured or disabled to participate in transformative sporting activities and enjoy sports via a unique 360° viewing experience.

Our Engineers Cave is a place for high-level users to get in-depth, network, interact and focus on the small details and nuts-and-bolts of VR technologies. It’s an area for specialists to exchange ideas, provide feedback and explore the outer edges of Virtual Reality.

Our Virtual Reality Catwalk show will run throughout the event, allowing attendees to glimpse how the fashion-conscious consumer of tomorrow will discover the latest clothing and accessories, from Haute Couture to high street brands.

The Design Hub is a creative environment where attendees can get hands-on while surrounded by industry-leading specialists, software and hardware. It’s a space for people to open their minds to the incredible potential of creating in VR environments.

Discover a new medium for immersive artistic expression. From the interactive VR Maze to our side-by-side creative systems, you can meet, design alongside and explore the work of some of today’s most exciting artists.

Our Gaming Suite is filled with some of the leading VR game experiences and brands. It’s an opportunity for avid gamers to explore the new frontier of immersive gaming, interact with the developers and learn more about the next generation of gaming technologies.

Our Film Studio will highlight the groundbreaking VR work that is helping to bring immersive 360° storytelling to life. From motion capture and 3D animation to 360° camera work, it will feature incredible new ways to enhance the cinematic experience.

Our Education Zone is a dedicated space within the show for teachers and students. This area has been created to share and disseminate the latest info on applications, VR software and hardware development and highlight the need for training in this tech among young people.