Most people experience VR in isolation. You strap on a headset and headphones and are instantly transported into a new environment, but in doing so, you are disconnected from the people around you. Igloo domes create immersive 360 experiences that groups of people – from 5 to 900 people, can enjoy together. This allows you to interact with an immersive 360 experience with your friends and colleagues, sharing and shaping the experience for each other.

Igloo Vision designs, develops and delivers immersive 360° projection systems. With a range of portable and permanent projection domes and cylinders, Igloo offers a sociable alternative to using VR headsets. Using interactive technologies and software, Igloo’s shared VR systems allow groups of people to experience and explore virtual environments together.

Because Igloo’s solutions can accommodate anything from 1 – 1000 people, they are perfect for immersive events, 3D visualisation, as well as interactive training and education. With a ten year track record, Igloo have worked with many of the world’s biggest brands and been covered by some of the world’s best-respected media. Working out of the UK and USA, Igloo have delivered hundreds of events and installations around the globe.

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