Immerse UK is a new cross-sector network for businesses and research organisations across all parts of the UK economy that are interested in the way that augmented and virtual reality can help drive productivity, social and economic growth.

We will help UK business to take full advantage of these new opportunities, by identifying demand, making connections, facilitating collaboration and tapping into new areas for growth. Together, we can build and nurture a network to position the UK as a world leader in the application of immersive technologies.

Immerse UK brings together industry, researchers and research organisations; the public sector, entrepreneurs, innovators and end users to support the UK in becoming the global leader in applications of immersive technologies: high-end visualisation, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, haptics and other sensory interfaces with data.

We are building a rolling programme of work, developed with our members and the IET, which addresses the pressing issues that slow down R&D and identifies the opportunities for growth and collaboration in the emerging marketplace. Some of this country’s most recognisable and innovative brands – from Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems to Imagination, Holovis and the BBC – are founding members.

By joining Immerse UK, you will have an opportunity to develop, participate and benefit from network activities, which include:

  • Developing and promoting a vision and a roadmap for the UK as world leader in the application of immersive technologies
  • Stimulating research and innovation, knowledge transfer and collaboration between diverse stakeholders in academia, industry and the public sector
  • Building awareness of the opportunities open to immersive technologies across a range of key challenge areas
  • Identifying key developments, opportunities, innovation challenges, and barriers to adoption
  • Raising awareness of business requirements, including start-ups: for skills, for finance, for research and other resources
  • Facilitating new interdisciplinary collaborations in R&D, business and market development
  • Assisting RCUK and UKRI in the development and co-ordination of relevant research programmes
  • Helping develop industry standards in collaboration with international bodies
  • Encouraging a human-centred approach to the design and development of immersive technologies, applications and experience.
  • Immerse UK is supported by Innovate UK and managed by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) as a Special Interest Group (SIG).  More information on KTN SIGs and activity in other industries can be found here.

Visit the Immerse UK website.