Moving beyond work and practical applications, immersive tech provides us with powerful new tools for creativity.

Our gallery will explore how artists are using these inspiring new environments as a creative canvas. Come and experience some the most incredible artworks being created in AR & VR, walk around our pop-up immersive gallery and immersive yourself in a new type of art and meet/listen to the artists talk about how they see art being impacted by new technologies.

If you are an avid designer, there’s also an opportunity to get hands-on and explore your creativity in our VR design booths.


SPACES is a multi-sensory art publication with an emphasis on building a world with both physical and virtual experiences in collaboration with artists.


Ruvan Wijesooriya’s visual meditations are multi-sensory art experiences that offer participants the opportunity to escape reality, using multi-sensory prompting in a way which feels and behaves like a meditation. The experience awakens us to our senses, our minds and our bodies: it challenges us to go inward.

Ruvan’s minimalist visual meditation films are digital experiences which take inspiration from light and color as subjects. These films put the viewer into the heart of his analog Yucatán photo series with tranquil soundtracks created with tuning forks and singing bowls by musician Gabriel Andruzzi of The Rapture.

The visual meditations are shown on VR headsets and accompanied by a bespoke scent created with Darryl Do of Delbia Do. Traces of earth, foliage, metallic components of air and water and native fruits scent each video experience to evoke the environment of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.


A calming VR and spatial experience at the intersection of art, sound and tactility.

“Leave the outer world for a while, take a deep breath and be part of the garden of thoughts. Relax and let yourself be immersed into this VR universe. Get a glimpse of a peaceful place, at the intersection of art, sound and tactility.”

The experience is based on the story of a little flower’s journey through life; how it grows from a dark, loveless start, through different experiences to a life in full bloom. As the flower grows, its environment changes and it gets evident how we’re all connected…

The garden of thoughts (Le Jardin des Pensées) is a VR experience and spatial experience that inspires calm and reflection. In the experience the digital and the analogue worlds are interwoven through classic 2D-animation, collaborative embroidery and virtual reality technology.


  • Script, VR-experience (made in Unity for Samsung Gear VR), set design, illustrations, embroidery design, experience design and graphic design by Pernilla Belfrage.
  • Music by Carmen Rizzo, and Gustaf Spetz,
  • Last, but most importantly – everyone that has participated in making the experience grow by embroidering!
  • The garden of thoughts is a co-production with BoostHbg and Film i Skåne, Sweden.
  • The spatial experience (installation) is a co-production with Nordisk Panorama Film Festival and BoostHbg, Sweden.

The project is in progress. At Future Tech Now the smaller version of the spatial experience is shown.

Pernilla Belfrage, independent creative director and visual storyteller (SE)

Pernilla Belfrage works with Virtual Reality combined with tactile, spatial experiences at the intersection of the analogue and digital worlds. She creates calming, multi-dimensional experiences where the audience is invited as co-creators. At Future Tech Now she shows her VR-experience “The Garden Of Thoughts” (wip).

Pernilla began her creative career in 2004, and her experience as a freelancer spans from Virtual Reality to film-making and digital media, to set design and textile design to illustrating children’s books and doing graphic design. She has been working with interdisciplinary projects, involving film, tactile art and audience engagement since 2011. The themes that inspires her in her work are personal growth, interconnectedness and meditative states of mind.

She also has a previous career, working with marketing communication and trend analyses. She holds a master’s degree in marketing and design management from Lund University, Sweden and ESCP in Paris. She has also studied filmmaking, graphic design, web design and comic artistry.

A selection of clients and collaborators: Film i Skåne, BoostHbg, Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, ICOM (IKEA Communications), IKEA North America, Martine Leherpeur Conseil (trend agency, Paris), AREA (textile design company, New York), B. Wahlströms (publishing house, Sweden).

Festivals etc: Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival, Nordiska Nätter – Framtiden (Nordic Nights – The future), Financing Forum for Kids content (speaker).


At Future Tech Now, we’ll be presenting Academy-award winning VFX pioneer Kevin Mack’s incredible fully immersive 360° virtual reality art experience. Mack’s highly innovative work in VR – Blortasia, is an abstract art world in the sky where you can fly freely through a surreal maze of evolving sculptures. Take a break from reality and explore an animated psychedelic sculpture park. Wander through the labyrinth, soar across the open space, or just hang out and let the mesmerizing ever-changing sculptures provide a rejuvenating refuge for your mind. Blortasia combines art and flying in virtual reality.

Mack’s virtual reality art is designed to engage the imagination and inspire wonder through shape, color, motion, sound, and spatial presence. Instead of recreating art from the real world, Mack is exploring virtual reality as an aesthetic medium in and of itself.  Rather than telling a narrative story like a movie, or presenting objectives, puzzles, and challenges like a game, Blortasia and Zen Parade transport you into art installations unconstrained by the limits of ordinary reality.