Company Overview 

Kodama is a 3D controller for Augmented and Mixed Reality. Enabled by our patent pending 3D tracking technology and software SDK, Kodama unlocks interactivity on headsets and screens. The product sells for both developers and consumers, like the iPhone apps model.

The Problem

What is the problem that your innovation is addressing?

Augmented Reality has the potential to replace the screens and monitors we use today.

In the same way that the classic 2D mouse unlocked the age of computing in the 80s, Augmented Reality needs to become a highly interactive experience.

Existing Augmented Reality solutions focus more on the visual and only feature limited interactions: pointers, sketchy hand gesture or pattern recognition or even no controls at all, resulting in a passive experience, limiting the range of what is possible with augmented reality.

Kodama enables Augmented reality to fulfil its full potential and promise.

The Solution

What is your solution to the problem? What are the key features of your technology product/service – how is it innovative?

Kodama has developed a physical 3d input device and a SDK solution:

-The device knows it’s position in 3D space and features touch inputs as well as haptic feedbacks, it’s gives a physical presence to the digital enabling users to manipulate 3D. The manipulation is intuitive: there is nothing to wear, users can just grab, move, and feel the digital through the haptic feedback.

-The tracking doesn’t rely on optics, it works in any lighting condition and the trackers can be hidden with hands.

-Our SDK enables content developers to augment their existing software solutions with the Kodama, or to simply create a new range of solutions that were not possible to develop without Kodama.

Kodama improves life and efficiency in the context of AR because it makes the medium fully interactive rather than passive.