See the Unseen is an AR experience which brings to life Siemen’s hyperconnected workplace, the innovative work of the brand’s employees and the global impact it has. Immersive content studio, REWIND, worked with R/GA to create the bespoke application using Apple’s ARKit framework for iOS.  In the experience, the user sees a globe rise from the table with a graphical overlay showing the location of the employees across the globe. The user is then able to select from five employees – one in Chicago, Berlin, Chengdu and two in Lisbon –  and learn about the important projects they are involved in. These stories are conveyed through animations, data cards, and V/O, with the global impact revealed through dynamic animation sequences.


REWIND fuses bleeding-edge technology with award-winning creative storytelling. By delivering immersive experiences for the world’s largest studios, agencies and brands, REWIND leads the way in innovative content creation. The team combines its deep-rooted heritage in VFX and CGI production, with an industry defining approach to VR, AR, MR and experiential marketing. REWIND works closely as an approved developer with Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Google, FOVE and Microsoft HoloLens.

REWIND is considered a world-leading and trusted VR production partner, by the likes of the BBC, HBO, NBC Universal, Sony, Red Bull, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Björk.

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