The Teslasuit is made of smart textile that transfers sensations from virtual world to the human body through tiny electrical impulses controlled by an on-board mini-computer (Control Unit). It tracks the entire body motion with high precision and frequency. It also allows to feel the environment temperature changes thanks to advanced climate control system.

The haptic feedback system modulates a range of sensations, including soft touch, heavy and light impact, rain or wind-blowing. The system delivers precise sensations to the entire body and can also be used to stimulate specific muscle groups. It is easy to use, absolutely wire-free, has universal compatibility with the existing devices and is washable.

Teslasuit comes bundled with the following software: Haptic Player, Haptic Editor, Skeleton Tool and an SDK. The intuitive and user-friendly SDK (software development kit) is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. The list of compatible devices includes most VR headsets, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The list of supported haptic VR games is growing fast as we are partnering with game developers and integrating both existing and new games with Teslasuit to deliver the most immersive experience ever. When combined with the Teslasuit the whole new dimension opens up in VR experiences and brings the full immersion to players. Finally, one is able to feel the game, the weapon force feedback, hugs, elements – you name it! To sum it up – this is exactly how the VR is meant to be experienced. The ease of the cutting-edge experiences to games and apps lies in our advanced software toolset.

The system tools include:

  • Haptic Editor – user-friendly application to create haptic pre-sets and animations.
  • Haptic Player – play haptic presets and animations
  • Skeleton Tool – recording the avatar like body motion animations for future integration
  • Software Development Kit – creating super immersive content with the Teslasuit SDK is now a breeze.

System tools allow developers to enhance the VR experiences and games by integrating through Unity3D and Unreal engine plugins. Building an incredible fully immersive experience for either PSVR, PC or Mobile VR is now a straightforward process. Developers can also create custom mods for games and applications using predefined sensations and presets. Development Kits of the Teslasuit start shipping to B2B and Developers market in Q3 2018.

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