Join us at the Vocktail Bar for the drink of the future.

Ordinarily, it’s the combination of visual and auditory media that helps to create a truly immersive experience. Our Vocktail Bar focuses on some of our other senses – namely smell and taste and highlights how manipulating those senses leads to even more interesting and unlikely tech-driven experiences…

Vocktail uses immersive technologies to simulate the taste, smell and look of a real cocktail. Using a combination of scent being pumped into the glass, an LED light which can emit a range of colours (these work as a remarkably strong signal in pre-tasting) and two silver electrodes located on the rim of the glass, which use electrical currents on the tongue to stimulate salty or sour sensations.

This combination of signals tricks the brain into receiving a full and authentic taste sensation, regardless of the liquid that you are drinking. The benefits of this technology range from simple social applications where you could create custom flavours and recall them or share with friends, to medical scenarios where illness or old age restrict your diet – Vocktail allows us to enjoy the flavours that we love without having adverse reactions to actual ingredients.

Don’t miss out on your chance to taste a virtual cocktail – join us at The Vocktail Bar!