The Sublime Portal enables shared experiences for groups of people to explore content in virtual reality. People can access the portal without the need to wear any special technology, avoiding some of the barriers that headsets create, namely the ability to share an experience.

In these sessions, Sublime will let you explore the truly immersive way of being transported into another world. We will showcase our latest projects from a range of sectors including property, construction, design, marketing and more. PLEASE NOTE: Sessions will be limited to 5 people.


Sublime is a band of creative pioneers and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to exploring new digital realities in the world of work.

‘We believe that in the near future virtual reality will be common place for certain activities and soon after that augmented reality will become a new layer across all aspects of our lives. As each of these digital realities matures our team will be uniquely well placed to deliver shared immersion experiences for the world of work that will transform many tasks and activities to deliver significant benefits in efficiency, safety and enhanced capabilities. Our founding team each bring significant capabilities having delivered some of the first VR and AR across several key sectors.’

The Soluis Group comprises several operating divisions working from studios in Glasgow and London, and focuses on creating memorable experiences in digital communication, stakeholder engagement and entertainment for blue chip clients worldwide. These include industry leaders in architecture & design, construction, retail, marketing, property, infrastructure and energy. We achieve this by deploying our distinct blend of skills in CGI visualisation and software development – ranging over the creation of stunning computer generated imagery & animation, motion graphics, character & interface design, web development, custom applications for mobile and desktop, and virtual and augmented reality technologies.


PLEASE NOTE – These workshop sessions will take place in the Soluis and Sublime office at the Business Design Centre as part of Virtual Reality Show. Sessions will run across all three show days – please indicate the days that you will be attending the show to give the best chance of being allocated a slot. Once your application has been submitted, the team at Soluis and Sublime will get in touch with you if there are spaces left on the day / days you have requested. Requesting a slot does not guarantee a space unless you are a Premium Pass holder.

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